Yangon Rain & Me

You know what? It is raining outside almost the whole evening. The weatherman said there could be raining the whole day and the whole week. I guess everyone will feel sick of it. Though I didnt like to get wet, I think is so beautiful when looking through my window while raining. I think you will be the same too. Do you know what is my first idea to do in the rainy day? Ya, it is the best time to brew my coffee beans. They have been kept in the fridge for long time because I didnt have a break until the rain comes. The smell is so fresh that i think even the flowers in my room will be ready to bloom for tomorrow. I am preparing my coffee table near my window simply with a jar of crafted jaggery. A drop rain, a cup of coffee and a piece of jaggery are totally a perfect match. Do you know what I am feeling now? It is simply missing somebody. Do you?


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